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9 October 2019 - 11 October 2019
Rome, Italy
Space Week 2019

Are you looking for partners for participating to the H2020 Space calls? Would you find new clients or investors? 

SPACE Week 2019 is the best place for meeting new partners and it will give you the opportunity to present your best ideas, products and expertise in front of a wide range of companies, researchers and investors. 

PPT presentations of all Space Week 2019. Beyond the Horizon sessions are available here: https://www.apre.it/eventi/2019/ii-semestre/space-week-2019/ 




Organizaion Type

Presetation on:

Quadrini Fabrizio University of Rome Tor Vergata University H2020 proposal idea
D'Angelo Milena Università degli Studi di Bari University Product/service
Di Iorio Alessio ALMA Sistemi SRL SME H2020 proposal idea
Charalampopoulou Vasiliki (Betty) GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS SA SME Product/service
Marigliano Marco RHEA System S.p.A. Large Industry Product/service
Piermarco Martegnani Aviosonic Space Tech SME Product/service
Romani Marco Planetek SME H2020 proposal idea
Zerafa Steve PIXAM Research Center H2020 proposal idea
Pavarin Daniele T4i SME Product/service
Cannas Vittorio Spacearth Technology  SME Product/service
Minotti Angelo MIPRONS SME Product/service
Povero Gabriella Fondazione LINKS Research Center Product/service
Ripa-Centeno Ainara INTA-Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial Research Center H2020 proposal idea
Leminh Marc Kineis SME H2020 proposal idea
Baldasso Carla EnginSoft S.p.A. SME Product/service
Luglio Michele NITEL Research Center Product/service
Nobili Nicole Freedom SME Product/service
Miassimiani Marta SATLANTIS MICROSATS S.L. SME Product/service
Schisano Alessandro Vitrociset Large Industry H2020 proposal idea
Arienzo Loredana University of Bologna University Product/service


Fill the form available here, indicate if you want to look for partners for participating to H2020 Space call (as a partner or as a coordinator) or if you want just to present your company and products: APRE will select the best proposers and they will present their ideas in 5 minutes, using slides advancing automatically.
Please, note that selected speakers must be available to participate in the brokerage event too. Apply using this form by the 15th of September


  • Register to the Brokerage Event session: for being selected as speaker it is mandatory take part to at least one session of the brokerage event
  • Fill the registration form by the 15th  of September (17.00 AM) choosing one of the two categories (H2020 Space topics or generic presentation)
  • APRE will select the speakers taking into account the following criteria:
    • relevance with the conference topics
    • balance in the speeches (H2020 vs. generic presentation, geographical coverage, organization type)
    • innovation potential of the proposal
  • Selected speakers will receive a .ppt template with slides advancing automatically (total time available: 5 minutes per speaker) --> you must send us the presentation by the 4th Oct.
  • After the event, pitch presentations will be published on the website (optional)

Registration form: https://bit.ly/2NXO5ow  

For more information on this session, please contact: sabini@apre.it 

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