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9 October 2019 - 11 October 2019
Rome, Italy
Space Week 2019

The second day of the conference is mainly dedicated to ambitious European Union’s Earth Observation Programme, Copernicus. It consists in a unified system through which large amounts of data are available for information services designed to benefit the way we live every day thanks to their application in several sectors: such as urban area management, health, agriculture, emergency management, tourism and more.

In addition to the Brokerage Event, 5 sessions (of which 2 in parallel) will take place

  1. The European Copernicus Program: actual state and scenario evolution (9.00-11.00)
  2. Copernicus Uptake - Parallel Session 1 (11.30-13.00)
  3. Copernicus  Application (cultural heritage, DIAS, agriculture, safety and security, climate) - Parallel Session 2 (11.30-13.00)
  4. Space and Defence (14.00-15.30)
  5. Role of Industry - Space services (16.00-17.30)

In this page you can find more information on the Copernicus-related session. To discover more on the Space and Defense session, please visit the dedicate webpage.

PPT presentations of all Space Week 2019. Beyond the Horizon sessions are available here: https://www.apre.it/eventi/2019/ii-semestre/space-week-2019/


This session will provide an overview of the actual Copernicus state-of-the-art and also insights for a better definition of the future programme perspectives. Moreover, the discussion will introduce participants to the next two parallel sessions.

COPERNICUS UPTAKE - Parallel Session 1

The objectives of the user and market uptake will be to foster the development of the EO downstream sector (applications, data processing platforms…) and to boost uptake from end-users (both from the public sector and private sector). This session is dedicated to the uptake of Copernicus data.


Application fields: cultural heritage, DIAS, agriculture, safety and security, climate

This session is focused on the data and information offered by the Copernicus programme and to understand how they can contribute to tangible and natural cultural heritage preservation, climate and management. Earth Observation (EO) data is becoming increasingly instrumental, with numerous projects and applications aimed at providing products tailored to the needs of cultural heritage.


Conference dedicated to the industries working in the space sector point of view. This session will be dedicated to the space services technologies (not only related to Copernicus) and the voice of the SMEs will be represented by the three Italian and European sector association. Their needs and requests will be compared with the actual “status of the art".

More information will be available soon. If you want to discover more on the programme, please, see the Space Week 2019 brochure.

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