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9 October 2019 - 11 October 2019
Rome, Italy
Space Week 2019


9th Oct - 10th Oct | 14.30-17.30

Would you like to discuss your business idea, your reseaerch and innovation projects, your technologies with other interested and very skilled people?


More than 300 meetings (of which 207 international) in the last edition! 

The brokerage event is the best way to meet potential cooperation partners during the face-to-face meeting.

People have the possibility to meet each other at high speed (around 25 minutes per every face-to-face) and to share ideas and experience, to build connection, to exchange information, to evaluate new opportunities of collaboration at every level.

Who can you meet?

At the brokerage event will participate a wide spectrum of businessmen, entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators from Europe and beyond looking for new business and cooperation opportunities: do not miss this great chance!

The event

The event will take place during the Space Week 2019, on the 9th of October and on 10th of October, from 14.30 to 17.30.

The whole event is managed by APRE and by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).  

For more information you can contact the APRE Staff (Matteo Sabini - sabini@apre.it; Valentina Fioroni - fioroni@apre.it; Claudio Testani - testani@apre.it; or: +39 0648939993) or you can contact your assigned Support Office



Just few minutes and you will be able to participate to the network event


  • Go to https://spaceweek2019-italy.b2match.io/, click on “register”
  • Insert your data, write a brief description of your organisation and your expertise
  • Select the networking sessions where you are available for bilateral meeting
  • Do not forget to choose the main areas of activity you are interested in


  • You will be validated by EEN staff within 2-3 days after registration
  • You will receive an invitation to select your potential partners available on the networking tool
  • Go to https://spaceweek2019-italy.b2match.io/, log-in and book meetings with other registered participants you would like to meet during the networking event in order to discuss collaborative partnerships


  • Few days before the event, you will receive your networking agenda with scheduled face to face meetings
  • In case you would like to make some modifications to your agenda, please, write us an email: we will be happy to modify it according to your preferences
  • Attend the networking event!



Closed since 4 October 2019


Via del Politecnico, snc
00133 Rome, Italy

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Austria 1
Belarus 1
Belgium 7
France 10
Germany 2
Greece 8
India 1
Ireland 1
Italy 308
Lithuania 2
Malta 2
Netherlands 4
Poland 3
Portugal 1
Slovenia 2
Spain 16
Switzerland 1
Taiwan 3
Ukraine 2
United Kingdom 2
United States 2
Total 379


Large industry 47
University 42
R&D Institution 41
Association/Agency 27
Authority/Government 38
Other 64
SME 120
Total 379